Rocky Ridge Homes

rockyridge.jpgAfter seven years working in residential real estate and construction, Jared Sherburne had observed many opportunities to improve the home construction process and the overall quality of new construction. With clear ideas of creating a better building process and an unparalleled building experience for his clients, Jared started Rocky Ridge Homes in 1998.

The concept was simple -- Jared treated each home build project as if it were his own. He adhered to established budgets and build schedules, made customer interaction and involvement an integral and meaningful part of the build process, and ensured that the highest quality of materials and workmanship were used in each home.

This concept worked then and it works now. Even though our team has grown and we've built dozens of homes through the years, we continue to build each home with the same quality, attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction that Jared did on his first home. In a successful effort to always make Rocky Ridge Homes a better company, Jared put together the best team in the valley.

In January 2005, Mike Pearson became a full partner in Rocky Ridge Homes. Mikes 18 year management background in the high-tech sector gives Rocky Ridge Homes an incomparable business systems management advantage in the building industry. Mike is in charge of internal systems management, plan designs, and overall business operations management. Mike's past business experience, vision in designing plans, and goals for improving Rocky Ridge Homes make him a valuable addition to the team.

Lisa Pearson joined our team in January of 2005 also. Lisa is in charge of guiding homebuyers through their selection of material placement, budget, style, color, coordination, added design features, and decision timeline tracking. Lisa has great vision and is very detail and task oriented, and were proud to have her on the team.

In June 2004, Bill Fox joined our team. Bill's 12 years of experience in the construction industry coupled with a great work ethic make him a leader in his field. Bill is in charge of daily jobsite management, jobsite detailing, and customer service. Bill's willingness to learn new methods coupled with his vast experience make him a huge asset to Rocky Ridge.