PC Construction

One of life's most rewarding moments is on the horizon. A goal you've been looking forward to for a long time will now be achieved. Your memories will be lasting… you have decided to purchase a home.

Now, you must find someone to build your home. A builder known to their homeowners for their integrity, excellence and reliability; a builder who has established a reputation as being trustworthy to their homeowners. That builder is PC Construction, Inc. PC has been in the homebuilding and framing business for 25 years here in the Treasure Valley. As a local builder -- you deal with them directly -- the owner/builder.

PC has been involved in the construction of custom homes, office buildings, shops, etc., and offers complete knowledge of the building process from start to finish. As a company with hands-on ownership, they are on a first name basis with not only the homeowners, but also the subcontractors and suppliers. This results in the superior craftsmanship you will notice throughout your building experience. Whether you want a home built on one of PC Construction, Inc.'s home sites, or even your own home site, count on the same superiority from PC Construction, Inc.

Few builders achieve such high regard in the industry, and even fewer are financially sound. You have a tremendous goal in mind, well so does PC Construction, Inc. We have set out to exceed all your expectations of honesty, affordability, and buyer satisfaction. PC Construction, Inc. Will build your dream home with confidence and assurance.